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September PTSA Meeting Minutes

Sligo Middle School 

Meeting Minutes

PTSA Meeting on September 10, 2019

Meeting began at 7:05 pm; ended at 8:10 pm

Approximately 15 attendees

  • Becky DeStefanis (PTSA president) began the meeting by introducing herself and presenting the updated PTSA by-laws. The new by-laws were unanimously approved.


  • Angeline O’Shea (PTSA treasurer) presented the PTSA budget.  She reviewed the budgets of the past few years, and showed a pie chart and graph which explained how much of the budget goes toward overhead, student programs, reserves, etc.    We expect to bring in the same amount of revenue as last year. Our reserves have been going down, so we need to find a way to replenish that. The budget for school year 2019-2020 was unanimously approved.


  • Ms. Jorandby (Sligo principal) spoke briefly about the METS (Multidisciplinary Education Training and Support) Program.  This is for students who have entered the school and have two or more years of interrupted learning. Sligo has approximately 22 students in this program this year.  These students might need more financial help, but the funding for those extra supports come from other areas (and therefore PTSA funds are probably not necessary).  


  • Becky DeStefanis asked if those in attendance had ideas for future PTSA meeting topics.  The following ideas were given: 


    •  More information on how we, as a community, can give assistance and support to students in the METS program (and their families).
    • Information about high school choices (this would have to be done in October because the high school applications are due in early fall).  Sligo student have the opportunity to attend one of five high schools in the Down County Consortium: Einstein, Kennedy, Northwood, Wheaton, and Blair.  Maybe we could have current high school students come to talk to 8th graders and parents about their various programs in the spring, when high school decisions need to be made.
    • Ms. Jorandby said she would like to present more information on the “Portable Magnet” program at Sligo.


  • How can we get more fathers (and more parents in general) involved in the PTSA?  The following ideas were discussed on this topic:
    • PTSA meetings could be held during the day sometimes…not just evenings.
    • A PTSA meeting could be held during the school’s Open House on Columbus Day (October 14) since many parents usually come during the day for that…maybe the PTSA meeting could be during lunch time that day.  
    • Should we offer food at PTSA meetings?  Last year, food was offered but this didn’t seem to increase attendance.  There was always a lot of leftover food.
    • Could we have a bonfire as part of a PTSA meeting?  Ms. Jorandby said she would look into this.


  • Movie nights:  last year, the movie “Black Panther “was shown at school and it had a large turnout.  This was during a half-day of school, so students could stay at school and watch the movie, rather thang going home and then coming back for the event.  


  • The following school events still need parent volunteers:


    • STEAM Night
    • Model U.N.
    • Geography Bee
    • Math-a-letes
    • Fitness Fun Day


  • Attendees shared ideas about various afterschool programs that might be of interest to Sligo students:
    • Gandhi Youth Brigade (www.gandhibrigade.org):  teaches kids how to make documentaries on topics that are important to them.
    • Kids Museum—Invent the Future Challenge (https://kid-museum.org/programs/invent-the-future/):  this is a STEM program open to 6th—8th graders across the DC region.
    • Inter-generational book club


  • Emily Kirby (last year’s Fitness Fun Day chairperson) talked about the event:
    • This is Sligo’s biggest fundraiser of the year
    • Last year’s total was approximately $17,000
    • $10,000 came from business sponsorship and $7,000 came from students contributing money from families, friends, neighbors, etc.
    • Students submit designs for the Fitness Fun Day t-shirt and staff members vote on the winning design.  Every student is given a t-shirt.
    • Parent volunteers are still needed, mainly on the day of the event to help run various stations
  • A raffle was held for Sligo magnet and t-shirt.  
  • The meeting ended at approx. 8:10 pm
  • Sligo Middle School is a richly diverse school of approximately 700 students, representing cultures from around the world. More than 40% of our students are Hispanic/Latino, 25% are White, 23% are Black. Nearly half of the student population receives Free and Reduced Meals (FARMS), and 13% of the student population participates in English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) programs. The average class size is approximately 24 students. Sligo currently has capacity for 915 students and enrollment is expected to exceed capacity after 2019.
  • Sligo Middle School es una escuela ricamente diversa de aproximadamente 700 estudiantes, que representan las culturas de todo el mundo. Más de 40% de nuestros estudiantes son latinos, 25% son blancos, 23% son de africano-americanos. Casi la mitad de la población estudiantil recibe alimentos gratis o reducidos(FARMS), y 13% de la población estudiantil participa en inglés para los programas de hablantes de otros idiomas (ESOL). El tamaño medio de las clases es de aproximadamente 24 estudiantes. Sligo tiene actualmente capacidad para 915 alumnos y la matrícula se espera que supere la capacidad después de 2019.


  • Sligo MyLocker - 12% of sales of Sligo clothing/gear donated to school
  • AmazonSmile - 0.5% of eligible Amazon purchases donated to school
  • Snider's receipts - Snider's gives the PTSA 1% back on all purchases

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