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Interested in a PTSA leadership position for the 2022-2023 school year?

Many of our board members are leaving Sligo MS at the end of this school year and heading off to high school. There are critical roles to fill for the upcoming school year including President, Vice President – Fundraising, Secretary, and Delegate. We want to ensure that the Sligo MS PTSA continues to remain a successful organization that serves our Sligo MS students, staff, and community.

By stepping into a role on the PTSA, you can:

  • Get Connected – There’s no better way to know what’s happening in school.
  • Speak Up – PTSA can be a way for you to more effectively suggest change at school.
  • Be a Role Model – You’ll be demonstrating the importance you place on education.

If you are interested in a PTSA role or have any questions, please contact Kristy Wright at kristywright@hotmail.com. Additionally, you may know some of the other board members. Please feel free to discuss roles with them and let them know if you are interested.

  • VP-Fundraising – Kate O’Sullivan (8th grader)
  • VP-Administration – Lisa Jackson (7th grader)
  • VP-Communication – Gayle Hope (8th grader)
  • VP-Membership – Angeline O’Shea (8th grader)
  • Treasurer – Rodrigo Gouveia (7th grader)
  • Secretary – Stacey Iobst (6th grader)
  • Delegate – Debbie Beck (8th grader)

Thanks for your consideration.

More info:

Sligo Middle School PTSA 2022-2023 Position Descriptions

Sligo Middle School PTSA 2022-2023 Structure

2021-2022 Officers

  • President: Kristy Wright
  • Vice President, Administration: Lisa Jackson
  • Vice President, Outreach/Communications: Gayle Hope
  • Vice President, Fundraising: Kate O’Sullivan
  • Vice President, Membership: Angeline O’Shea
  • Secretary: Stacey Iobst
  • Treasurer: Rodrigo Gouveia
  • MCCPTA Delegate: Debbie Beck

2021-2022 Committee Members & Representatives

  • Fundraising Committee Fall 2021 while transitioning back from pandemic (under VP, Fundraising)
    • Family Fundraising Campaign Lead: TBD
    • Fundraising Committee Members – will take lead on tasks TBD: Lori Schwartz, Christine Rovner, Nicole Cappello
  • Fitness Fun Day (under VP Fundraising): TBD
    • Leads: TBD
    • Task Leads: TBD
  • Fundraising – Additional (under VP Fundraising)
    • Concession Sales: TBD
    • Dine Out Nights: TBD
    • Spirit Products: TBD
    • Snider’s Receipts and Boxtops: TBD
    • Grants: TBD
    • Election Day Bake Sale: TBD
  • Staff Appreciation: Kara Tymon
  • Latinx Parent Liaisons: Carmen Velasquez, Angela Martinez, Elizabeth Anglarill, Raquel Guerricagoitia
  • Mini-grant review (under VP Administration): Michelle Bright, Shawn Jarosz, Erik Robelen
  • Dances: Jennifer Scope
  • Enrichment Committee: TBD
  • Advocacy Committee: TBD
  • Special Needs: TBD
  • Donations (in-kind): Joanna Silver
  • Communications Committee (under VP Comms)
    • Website Manager: Jennifer Anderson
  • Grade Liaisons
    • 6th Grade Parent Coordinator/Liaison: TBD
    • 7th Grade Parent Coordinator/Liaison: TBD
    • 8th Grade Parent Coordinator/Liaison: Molly Click
    • 8th Grade Dinner/Dance Lead: TBD
  • Nominating Committee: TBD
  • School Activity Support
    • International Night: TBD
    • STEM Night: TBD
    • PBIS Pride Cart: TBD
    • Book Fair: TBD
  • SGA Liaison: TBD

Position & Committee Descriptions


Executive Committee:

President: With input from board, establish goals for the year, agendas for monthly board and membership meetings; meet regularly with Principal, Asst. Principal; recruit additional PTSA Volunteers; officially represent the positions of the PTSA and its membership.

Vice President, Administration: Manage staff Mini-Grant proposal process. Preside at monthly PTSA meetings in the absence of the PTSA President.

Vice President, Outreach / Communications: Engage with all members of the school community to ensure maximum participation and link PTSA board and the school administration. Oversee and utilize the listserv; maintain and utilize social media accounts. Work with website manager to update and maintain website.

Vice President, Fundraising: Oversee all fundraising initiatives including Fitness Fun Day. Work with Treasurer to ensure proper accounting of all incoming funds.

Vice President, Membership: Recruit members (families and staff) through remote methods and at key events such as: 6th grade orientation, back-to-school staff appreciation; back-to-school night; open house; Latino parent meetings; other. Process memberships; coordinate with Treasurer on reporting for state & county PTA associations.

Secretary: Record minutes at meetings; maintain formal PTSA correspondence; maintain PTSA google drive.

Treasurer: Maintain the books using Quickbooks. Prepare annual budget in consultation with the President and Executive Committee. Make payments. Verify all expenses are approved and according to budget. File all SOCA required documentation.

MCCPTA Delegate: Represent Sligo MS PTSA at the Montgomery County Council of PTAs. Attend monthly MCCPTA delegate meetings; monitor MCCPTA news & information; share and report back to the Board and/or the membership. Up to 2 delegates can serve.

Committee/Task Leads:

(note: co-leads are both allowed & encouraged)

Fitness Fun Day

Fitness Fun Day Event Lead: Oversee planning and logistics of the Fitness Fun Day event. Co-lead the Fitness Fun Day committee.

Fitness Fun Day Business Sponsor Lead: Oversee recruitment of business sponsors for Fitness Fun Day. Colead the Fitness Fun Day committee.

Fitness Fun Day Family Fundraising Lead: Oversee campaign for annual donations from families in conjunction with Fitness Fun Day. Co-lead the Fitness Fun Day committee.

Fitness Fun Day T-shirt Lead: Working with Assistant Principal, manage student design contest, ordering, and distribution of Fitness Fun Day t-shirts for all students and staff


Fundraising – Additional

(Under VP of Fundraising)

Concession Sales Manager: recruit parents to sell concessions at school events such as incoming parent orientation, back-to-school night, parent-teacher conference, performances, STEM Night

Dine Out Nights: set up and publicize

Spirit Products: with Executive Committee, identify products to offer; manage ordering and sales

Election Day Bake Sale: in election years, coordinate bake sale on primary day and election day

Grants: assist staff in applying for grants; identify grants PTSA or the school might qualify for

Staff Appreciation: Coordinate events acknowledging the hard work of school staff. Past examples have included back-to-school welcome; seasonal treats; parent-teacher conference meal; staff appreciation week activities.

Latino Parent Liaison: Connect Spanish-speaking parents and PTSA. Attend monthly Latino parent meetings run by school staff; exchange information between those meetings and PTSA. Provide translation assistance at PTSA events and for communications, as possible. Engage Spanish-speaking parents in PTSA activities.

Family: Support Work with counseling staff to coordinate PTSA support for families in need.

Website Manager (under VP Comms): Update and maintain PTSA Website; provide information for parent, teacher, student community. Provide public access to by-laws, budget.

Dances: Plan and implement 1-2 dances (not including 8th grade promotion dance), including 1 in partnership with SGA.

Grade Liaisons

6th Grade: Assist the Grade Team Leaders with field trips and with parent communications/engagement. A second parent can serve as lead volunteer for the 3-day Outdoor Education field trip.

7th Grade: Assist the Grade Team Leaders with field trips and with parent communications/engagement.

8th Grade: Assist the Grade Team leaders with promotion, field trips, and with parent communications/engagement.

8th Grade dinner/dance: Working with staff lead, organize volunteers and help implement event.

Nominating: Identify parents/staff who will serve in PTSA positions for the upcoming year.

SGA Liaison: Serve as a link between Student Government Association (SGA) and PTSA to share information and identify opportunities for student involvement in PTSA activities

School Activity Support

STEM Night: Recruit parent volunteers to present and to judge student projects.

International Night: Recruit parent volunteers and solicit food donations.

Enrichment: Identify tools/programs to bring to Sligo to enhance learning, celebrate diversity, and build community.

Special Needs: Provide opportunities for parents of students with learning needs to connect, establish relationships, and learn about resources in and out of the school.

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