PTSA Volunteers

If you are interested in any positions (listed or unlisted) please contact
Chris Rutledge.


Committee Members & Representatives

Unfilled positions are highlighted and marked with asterisks.

  • Enrichment Committee: Beth Swindon, Sangita Rao
  • Achievement Gap Committee: Tamara Overby, Melanee Moon Bryant, and Drina Henry
  • Advocacy Committee: Gillian Huber
  • Fundraising Committee (under VP, Fundraising)
    • Fitness Fun Day and other committee leadership: Jeannette O’Connor, Eve Zimmerman
    • Dining Out events at area restaurants: Megan Carnell
    • Snider’s Receipts and Boxtops: Liora Moriel
    • Fall Talent Show (October): Genevieve McDowell
    • **Glen Haven v. Sligo Teacher Basketball Game (end of January, evening): TBD
    • Flora Singer v. Sligo Teacher Volleyball Game – (end of January, evening): Laura Robertson
    • Dad’s Night Out: Doug Benning
    • Musical Bake Sale: Laura Robertson
    • Winter Concert Bake Sale: Amy Greene
    • Election Day Bake Sale: Kitty Brimm
    • Mom’s Night Out: Abby Hoffman, Rochelle Johnson
    • Woodlin v. Sligo Teacher Volleyball Game (Friday in May): Marge Giebel
  • Communications Committee (under VP, Outreach/Communications)
    • Listserv Moderator: Letiticia Barr
    • Social Media Leader: Letiticia Barr
    • Webmaster: Lila Faulkner
  • MCCPTA Delegates: Bernadette Sweeney
  • School Directory Lead: Michael Colladay, Bethany Hase, Chris Rutledge, Eve Zimmerman
  • Staff Appreciation: Melita Flannery, Rachel Posell, Kylie Hoben
  • **Sligo Stallion Night/International Night: TBD
  • **Winter Dance: TBD
  • **PTSA Spring Dance: TBD
  • Music Mania: Liz Crooks
  • Parent Council Rep: Tamara Overby
  • After-school Activity Liaison: Paige Emerson
  • **6th Grade Parent Coordinator/Liaison: TBD
  • 7th Grade Parent Coordinator/Liaison: Kym Helbig Porter
  • 8th Grade Parent Coordinator/Liaison: Gillian Huebner
  • **8th Grade End-of-Year Activities Lead: TBD
  • **8th Grade Dance Lead: TBD
  • **8th Grade Promotion Lead: TBD

Position & Committee Descriptions

President: With input from board, establishes goals for the year, agendas for monthly board and membership meetings; meets regularly with Principal, Asst. Principal; officially represents the positions of the PTSA & its membership.

Vice President, Administration: Staff Grants. Presides at monthly PTSA meetings in the absence of the PTSA President; coordinates with school admin and MD and MCCPTA; coordinates mini-grants proposal requests.

Vice President, Outreach/Communications: Engages with all members of the school community to ensure maximum participation and link PTSA board and the school administration. Coordinates with ESOL parents. Coordinates essential home-school communications & issues; the back-pack flyers are gone. General information now is communicated through the listserv and the PTSA website.

Vice President, Membership: Recruit at 6th grade orientation, back-to-school picnic, back-to-school night, Teacher Appreciation Luncheon.  Track membership and submit to treasurer, MD PTA/MCCPTA. Lead effort to produce the student directory in Dec/January and work with fundraising team on that effort.

Secretary: Records minutes at meetings; maintains formal PTSA correspondence

Treasurer: Maintains the books; prepares annual budget; verifies all expenses are approved and according to budget.

Enrichment Committee:  Identifying specific tools and programs we can share with students to enhance academic rigor, enabling them to go beyond proficiency in a variety of topics; coordination and oversight between the parent community and the school administration on academic issues such Common Core curriculum, rigor and challenge, extra-curricular activities that tie in with academics; identifies additional resources for parents. To include: Study Skills, STEM Night

Achievement Gap Committee: Identify specific tools and programs we can share with students to help make sure all students have the degree of proficiency in topics such as math and science needed to succeed in high school, college, and beyond

Advocacy Committee:  Spur the Sligo community to action on the above topics and others by coordinating communications with board of ed, county council, and others

MCCPTA Delegates:  Represent Sligo MS PTSA’s at the Montgomery County Council of PTA. Attend monthly MCCPTA delegate meetings and report back to the Board and/or the membership.

School Directory Lead: Work with Membership and Fundraising teams to produce school




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