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Thank you for your interest in joining the Sligo PTSA, to support your child and your school! Parental involvement is so important and has been proven to be the greatest predictor of student success. Through membership, you will connect with Sligo teachers and administration, with other parents, and discover valuable parenting resources. You will have a voice in your child’s education!

There are various membership dues levels to choose from:

Individual Membership: $12
Two Members/family: $19
Three Members/family: $26
Family Membership (parents, students, and donation to PTSA): $50
Teacher/Staff Membership: $7

Join via PayPal

(No PayPal account required. Please choose “friends and family” as payment type)

Email: Sligotreasurer@gmail.com
Handle: @SligoPTSA

Use these links to join via PayPal:

Individual Membership – $12
Two Members/family – $19
Three Members/family – $26
Family Membership: Be a Stallion! (3 members $26 + $24 donation = $50)
Teacher/Staff Membership- $7

Or use the QR Code to join via PayPal:


Join via Venmo

Email: Sligotreasurer@gmail.com

Handle: @PTSA-SligoMS
Phone: 240-695-3612
QR Code or link to Sligo PTSA Venmo profile.


Join via Mail

Mail a PTSA membership form with an attached check. We cannot accept cash.

Make a Donation

If you want to make a donation, give via PayPal (no PayPal account required).
No amount is too small or too large!

Go to PayPal to make your donation.

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