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PTSA Meeting Minutes, September 2018

Our first PTSA meeting of the 2018-2019 school year was held on September 11.  Here are the meeting minutes, approved at our October meeting.


PTSA Meeting Notes

Sligo Middle School

Date: 9-11-18


  • 26 parents in attendance plus 1 administrator (Patrick Bilock, Sligo Assistant Principal)
  • Meeting started at approx. 7:15pm
  • Rachel Cornwell started the meeting and asked the other Board members who were in attendance to introduce themselves, which they did
  • Laura Stewart talked about a program called “Reflections” which is a national arts competition. She hopes to bring the program to Sligo this year and disseminate information so our students can participate.
  • On April 11 the Board of Education will have a special meeting for parents of students in the Einstein Cluster. The location has not been determined.
  • Laura Stewart explained that the “Einstein Cluster” is all the schools that feed into Einstein High School: Sligo Middle School, Newport Middle School and several elementary schools.  We are also part of the Down County Consortium (DCC).
  • Emily Kirby discussed Fitness Fun Day: October 26.  Last year, many local business donated money to this cause.  Parents also contribute.  This is one of the largest fundraisers for Sligo.
  • The Sligo website will be updated this year, and there will be an effort to have more information in Spanish as well as English.
  • Patrick Bilock (Sligo Assistant Principal) introduced himself to the group.This is his first year at Sligo Middle School.  He wants to encourage more teachers to join the PTSA, and perhaps create a competition to see which department (English, Math, etc.) gets more members.
  • The 2018-2019 calendar was distributed and discussed.
  • Leticia Barr will give a “tech” presentation this year, date TBD.
  • PTSA meetings take place the 2ndTuesday of each month, generally.
  • Rachel discussed some of the upcoming activities and encouraged parents to sign up to help.
  • There was a raffle for 2 tote bags and a Sligo magnet.
  • The budget was discussed and unanimously passed.
  • Other ways of raising money were discussed: Sniders Grocery receipts (Sligo gets 1% of the total sale, minus tax), registering your Giant savings card (one parent said Sligo wasn’t listed on the Giant site and needs to be added), Box Tops for Education, etc.
  • Lyn Mozden brought up the idea of having more students involved. Perhaps the president of the SGA would be willing to come to one of the PTSA meetings and speak briefly about some student concerns. Other parents felt that it might a good idea to have several students come each time, so that we could get a wider perspective and also to reduce the pressure on one student to talk to a room full of parents.
  • The Montgomery County Board of Education is considering allowing students to miss school up to 3 days per year for “civic engagement” activities.
  • A parent raised a concern that there isn’t one central location to find out about all the possible after-school activities for students. She feels that she’s missing information and only hears about things second-hand from other parents.
  • A parent raised the question of how to easily summarize what it is that the PTSA does, so that students and parents can understand. Some might not understand the concept of “supporting students and teachers”.  It might be more useful to say “we raise money for the school and pay for certain supplies and activities”.   Vicmarie Arocho pointed out that many parents might not have been raised in the US and the idea of a PTSA is unfamiliar to them.  They might not even realize that they can get involved in their children’s school.




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