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December PTSA Meeting Minutes

In December 2018, we had a presentation from Ms Jorandby about understanding your student’s MAP scores.  Here are the meeting minutes, approved at the Jan 2019 meeting.

PTSA Meeting Notes

Sligo Middle School

Date:  12-11-18


  • Meeting started at approx. 5:19 pm.
  • 7 parents were in attendance in addition to Ms. Jordanby (Sligo principal) and Mr. Bilock (Sligo assistant principal)
  • Rachel Cornwell discussed budget issues: $18,000 was raised during Fitness Fun Day.  There were approx. $6,000 in expenses for the event
  • Mini-grants were given to staff this fall. PTSA funds were used to provide food on Career Day, in addition to science equipment, prizes for the geography bee and a camera for digital arts
  • The bake sale on Election Day raised $571. Students who contributed baked goods and worked at the bake sale table earned SSL hours.
  • Sniders grocery receipts brought in $229
  • Naviance was briefly discussed: 6thgraders haven’t received their log-in information, yet
  • The meeting notes from 10/9/18 were approved
  • Jordanby led a presentation on MAP-R scores
  • Montgomery County students start taking MAP-R in 3rdgrade
  • MAP-R measures reading, but not writing
  • The test is untimed, but most students complete it in about 1 hour
  • Students can see the scores right away on their computer screen
  • MAP-M was also discussed
  • MoCo students take this test 3 times per year, 3rdgrade—8thgrade
  • Parents received their students MAP results and could follow along as Ms. Jordanby explained all the sub categories
  • The website “mappers.com” was discussed…this is through Khan Academy. It’s free.  Parents can enter their child’s scores and the website shows you what areas you child should work on next, based on their current scores.
  • PARC was briefly discussed. Unlike MAP-M and MAP-R, PARC is a timed test
  • The meeting ended at 6:28 pm.



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