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Congrats to Chris Rutledge!

Congratulations to Sligo Middle School PTSA President Mr. Chris Rutledge who won the 2017 MCCPTA President of the Year Award last evening.

Chris – who is well-deserving of this prestigious award – was nominated by a number of the Sligo community members for all of his contributions to the students and families of Sligo MS.

For the last 11 years, Chris has been the consummate advocate for students – especially the children of the Down-County Consortia (DCC) schools – demonstrating a truly “sincere commitment” to our children, our schools, and our community. He has continually fought for equity with the Montgomery County Public School (MCPS) system and is continually an Einstein cluster-PTSA voice of inclusion, advocacy, support, and school/community spirit.

As a parent of two MCPS students, Chris leads through a “parent lens,” providing support for all students as he would support his own. Chris’ efforts and leadership has really encouraged the local school staff to continue our efforts to meet the needs of an evolving diverse community.

Chris has lead PTSA-sponsored events such as our Hispanic Parent Outreach activities, Town Hall Meetings that address the demographics of DCC schools, “Study Skills” Nights, Parent Support Programs and a wide array of PTSA-sponsored fundraising efforts. Chris has been the model leader, and through his efforts, really has helped to change the culture and environment of Sligo Middle School. To highlight Chris’ career within the Montgomery County PTSA, he has served as:
Local PTA President Terms –

 – Sligo Middle School PTSA President from 2016-2017

– Eastern Middle School PTSA President from 2012-2014

 – Woodlin Elementary School PTA President from 2009-2011

Other Local PTA Board Roles –

 – Sligo Middle School PTSA Vice President from 2015-2016

 – Woodlin Elementary School Fundraising Committee Chair from 2008-2009

 – Woodlin Elementary School Enrichment Committee Chair from 2007-2008

He has also been a part of o-

 – Woodlin Elementary PTA Nominating Committee Chair (twice)

– Woodlin Elementary PTA Silent Auction Co-Chair (twice)

 – Woodlin Elementary PTA International Night Chair (twice)

 – Woodlin Elementary PTA Winter Dance Chair (twice)

And has also served MCCPTA Roles of:

 – Einstein Cluster Coordinator 2014-present

 – Nominating Committee Chair 2017-present

Sligo Middle School has been blessed to have such an advocate for our students, staff and community – especially as someone who continually fights for equity with the Montgomery County Public School (MCPS) system, – and has deeply supported the DCC schools. He has been a voice of inclusion, advocacy, support, and school/community spirit.
We are SO proud of Chris and his accomplishments.


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