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January 12 PTSA Town Hall on the Achievement Gap

On Tuesday January 12, 7:00pm, the PTSA will open its monthly meeting as a Town Hall. We’ve invited all local elected officials from the Board of Education, the County Council and beyond. We’ve also invited those who are running for office this election year. (And some have already pledged to attend!)

Data shows that many minority students continue to struggle, even as other parts of our county’s student body improve. This troubling trend has been labelled the achievement gap, and elected officials and political candidates state that they want to narrow the chasm and solve the problem.

We’ll offer Sligo’s data in order to examine some of the challenges faced by schools with diverse student populations and vastly variable academic preparation rates. What resources are missing and how can we find creative ways to meet the need to challenge and educate all of our students? What do we think our local political leaders need to know about how the gap impacts our kids and our neighborhoods?

We’ve also asked local writer Dan Reed, author of the popular blog Just Up the Pike, to speak about how changes in demographics may demand a re-thinking and re-appraisal of our school system’s procedures and philosophies. Dan’s engaging writing on the topic of education combined with his work with One Montgomery will provide participants with some new data and thoughtful questions to consider.

Come and join us for what promises to be an engaging and informative evening.


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